Woodsy’s Real Food Store – A Goondiwindi Delight

‘Just eat real food, ‘ says Judy. ‘That’s it, they’re the words I live by.’ 



Judy Woods, the owner and manager of ‘Woodsy’s Real Food Store’ on the main street of Goondiwindi is as authentic and homegrown as the produce she sells.  A born and bred Goondiwindi girl, she was inspired to start an organic produce shop when her father fell ill.  ‘I wanted to help Dad, so we would source our organic fruit and vegetables from Toowoomba,’ says Judy. ‘I did a bit of research and soon realised that there was a whole community of people here (in Goondiwindi) who would desire it too.’


Today, vibrant pickings of fruit and vege stretch out over wooden tables, organic grocery items stock shelves, and the chalk boards at the back of the shop highlight edible (and totally drinkable) offerings.

Customers step through the rustic, wood framed, glass door for any number of reasons.  Some come to pick up their weekly produce, others to source ingredients for a favourite recipe; and then there are always regulars keen to slurp down one of Judy’s delicious, healthy smoothies.

For Judy, her customer’s health and wellbeing is what drives her business, and this essentially makes Goondiwindi a very lucky community indeed.



Woodsy’s Real Food Store: 115 Marshall St, Goondiwindi, Australia.

Facebook:  Woodsy’s Real Food Store


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