Winter Wanderings in North West NSW

The team at Kidspot Australia have asked us to share the best three family-friendly things to do in our own corner of Australia.  So without any further ado here are mine….


1. Winter Swimming:

Frosty mornings and chilly afternoons don’t often come with a visit to the pool but in the north west region of New South Wales the steaming warm flows of the Great Artesian Basin give ample opportunity for daily dippings. The Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre has three large thermal pools with plenty of space, but sometimes it pays to really skip the crowds and get out to the smaller towns such as Boomi where local hospitality wins hands down.


2.  Star Gazing:

It gets dark out here, and when it does the solar system as we know it puts on a pretty awesome light display. There are nights when the Milky Way yawns across our great expanse of sky tantalising onlookers with its awesomeness.


Back down on earth you can also get your fix of star gazing during the day. Only 23km outside Narrabri the CSIRO Australia Telescope offers another impressive sight.  As the largest and most powerful radio telescope in the southern hemisphere astronomy buffs gravitate here from all over the world.  Visiting families are also welcome and  will learn plenty from the self guiding displays.

Looking down at the largest telescope in the Southern hemisphere and enjoying peanut butter sandwiches.

3.  Camping:

The best thing you can do with your kids. Ever. Is Camping.


OK so I’m not sure why I love camping so much – maybe its the warm smouldering glow of the campfire on my face, maybe it’s snuggling into a swag and watching a billion stars glisten above me, maybe it’s scraping the dregs of butter from a tin plate with the last morsel of warm jacket potato between my fingers.

Either way its a sensational way to spend quality time with your family.

There are a myriad of camping sites and national parks in this region. One of my favourites is Lemon Tree Flat camping ground at Kwiambal National Park.  It’s picturesque, allows for fishing, rock climbing, campfires and plenty of exploring (including a magnificent waterfall and spooky caves).


Setting off to explore Lemon Tree Flat camping ground.

To get to this part of the world Qantas does flights from Sydney to Moree.  Otherwise jump in the car with the kids and hit the open road – there are many splendid things to see and do along the way before you spend a wonderfully wintery week in north west New South Wales.

Words and images:  Rachel Walker


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