A Sydney Selfie

Let’s face it, none of the women in the above photograph is me. For starters I’m 40, (and definitely not your Kylie Minogue kind of 40). I own 4 kids (so Centrelink keeps reminding me), and 1 husband (actually he’s boss of himself but we’ll let that go for the moment). When you’re 40 and you ‘own’ all this ‘stuff’ sometimes, well, just sometimes you need to take a selfie – a self-funded, self-organised, little time out, in the name of self-preservation. Of course you don’t actually do it all by yourself. No, no, no. How unfun. No, you take it with an awesome girlfriend (Hi Penne xx) who is as keen for a little tea break as you are, and together you head to your favourite selfie destination…… Sydney. So, here are ten tips on making the most out of a selfie in Sydney:

  1. Plonk yourself down somewhere central. The Sir Stamford, a boutique style hotel at Circular Quay, is a quick stroll to trains, buses, ferries and of course all the delights of the Opera House/Rocks/Harbour Bridge precinct. The bedrooms and bathrooms are spacious and if you’re astute you’ll manage to nab a reasonable rate. From this point of reference the city is yours to do with it what you will.
  2. Ride a ferry. By far the best public transport around for soaking in the Harbour. Better still head over to Manly for the afternoon and catch the ferry back after dark. In the glittering evening cabaret that is the city, Australia’s most recognized landmarks steal the show. 
  3. Eat. No, don’t just eat. Eat with panache. Mr Wong, a Cantonese style restaurant just off George Street in the city got top gong last year for best new restaurant in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide Awards. Tuck into steamed BBQ pork buns and aromatic duck spring rolls amidst the rustic colonial charm of Sibella Court’s inspired styling.
  4. Eat some more. For a full degustation experience head over to Lu Mi at Darling Harbour and watch the moored yachts glisten and bob in the fading sunlight as the city shimmers beyond the boardwalk. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more low key try waffles and ice-cream at Guylian at Circular Quay.
  5. Drink. Coffee – I would argue Sydney does this just as well as Melbourne so take your pick but be guided by the general rule of thumb: that if you have to search for a seat it’s probably going to be good. If you’re after something a little stronger the Speakeasy style bar Palmer & Co. behind the Establishment Hotel does good cocktails and good looking service.
  6. And be merry. This is a personal choice but, hey, donning dance shoes and heading to Ivy on George St for some late Friday night dance floor action just might work wonders for you too.
  7. Sleep in.
  8. Embrace art and gardens. Art Gallery NSW is a leisurely stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens from Circular Quay. Check out their websites for upcoming exhibitions and programs, or take pot luck – either way stretching out on the grass surrounded by ancient Morton Bay Figs or soaking up the brush strokes of a Tom Roberts or Arthur Streeton has to be good for the soul, right?
  9. Buy a book, a real one with pages you can turn and ink you can touch. Kinokyunia, opposite the Queen Victoria Building on George Street in the city, is renowned for its immense size and offers a huge collection with recommendations in most categories.
  10. Book a ticket to the opera, the theatre, a movie, a concert, a football game – it doesn’t matter which. Whatever takes your fancy. This is one thing a big superstar city can offer that you sure won’t get where I come from.

For your own capital time in the capital The Urban List is a great website for finding out what’s on and what’s hot.  Just don’t forget to pack your selfie stick.

After Dark.

After Dark.

Manly Beach on Dusk

Manly Beach on Dusk


The entrance to Sibella Court’s warehouse shop.



Icecream and Chocolate.  Mmmm.

Icecream and Chocolate. Mmmm.

The photographs below were taken by Penne. 🙂

Friday lunch at Mr Wong's.                                                                                                              Penne's photo.

Friday lunch at Mr Wong’s.

Street Art on King Street.

Street Art on King Street.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens.


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